Actions To Follow Right After A Car Crash

Here are some important actions to follow when you have just been in a car crash.


It is important that you maintain a calm disposition throughout the incident. Double check with everyone in your vehicle including yourself for any injuries and damages. You will have to check with the other party as well as any third parties that were involved in the crash. You might not feel the injury due to the shock, therefore it is important that you double check with everyone. If someone is injured and in need have help, you can call the emergency hotline and take the injured persons to the nearby hospital. If it is a minor car crash with minimal damages, you can take a few pictures for the insurance purposes and move the vehicles to a side of the road. If there are major damages, leave the vehicles as they were until law enforcement personnel arrive.

Seek help

If there is a question of liability with regards to the accident or if you are the victim of the accident, you can request help from professional and well experienced injury lawyers Perth WA.

You can seek help from these professionals in order to file a case against parties who are responsible for the traumatic experience you have been in.It is important that you have contact details of a car accident lawyer in case of an emergency. This will come in handy if the responsible party has caused you mental or physical trauma.

Swap details

Talk to the driver and other parties involved once you have completed the first two tasks. Write down the name of the driver, contact details, addresses, the name of the insurance company, number of the insurance policy as well as the numbers of the license plate as well as the license number of the driver. You will also have to write down a description of the vehicle, model number, year of release, color as well as visible details of damages.

Find your witnesses

If there are any witnesses, you can get their names as well as their contact details too. The witnesses to the accident also include whoever was riding in the other vehicles. If you cannot find third party witnesses, try out the passengers of the other vehicles. Also, look around to see if there were any cameras that might have caught up the accident. This will come in handy in a lawsuit.

Take pictures

It is important to take necessary recordings and pictures of the accident site. You can use your camera phones and document every important details of the crash. Also, try to include the number plates of the vehicles as well.